4 Simple plumbing repair tips for a trouble-free renovation

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When you hire a plumbing service, such as Happy Pipes, you are hiring a licensed contractor who has been trained and certified in plumbing practices. Licensed contractors have gone through a plumbing apprentice program that enables them to do plumbing work under the supervision of an experienced licensed plumber. During this apprenticeship, plumbing contractors learn how to inspect piping installation, repair leaks and perform necessary maintenance on drainage systems, plumbing fixtures and equipment. In addition, plumbing apprentices learn about pressure and water flow testing, as well as how to properly maintain drainage and plumbing systems.

The great thing about plumbing is that it is easy to learn, simple to install, and relatively inexpensive. Plumbing companies offer a wide variety of services including home inspections, exterior plumbing repair, plumbing repairs and basement waterproofing, as well as a full range of plumbing services to include ground source heat pump installation, hydro jetting and more. However, plumbing problems can occur anywhere along the plumbing system, not just in accessible areas. For this reason, it’s important to understand plumbing repair tips so you know what to do when plumbing issues arise. Here are some top tips.

Using Drain CleanersRT is one of the most common plumbing repairs, as well as one of the most costly. When your pipes become clogged with bacteria, fungus, dirt or grease, they can become difficult to remove and clean, leading to slower-moving drains and toilet backups. In order to help relieve these types of problems, contact your local drain cleaner company and ask them to come out and give your drains a good cleaning. Even if your drain doesn’t appear to be clogged, you may still need a professional plumber to remove harmful elements from your plumbing system.

Always Use a Plumber With Proper ExperienceAfter using a new cleaner, don’t attempt to cleanse your pipes on your own. You may end up making the problem worse, especially if you use harsh chemicals or don’t have access to the proper tools and equipment. Instead of attempting to clean your pipes yourself, contact a licensed, experienced plumber to do the job. A professional plumber knows exactly which solutions to use and how to perform each step safely.

Keep Toilets CleanTo help keep your toilets and drains running smoothly, regular flushing is part of many plumbing repair tips. To reduce the number of clogs, you should unclog drains by following a simple trick. By tilting the toilet to the far right, you can easily force the waste flow to the far left. If you wait too long to do this, the waste will simply overflow in the center. If you try to force it, you could end up with an overflow of toilet water, causing a serious plumbing problem.

Always Use Plumbing Repair Kits plumbing repair kit includes everything you need to unclog a drain, including various tools like rat augers, wrenches and a drain snake. If you have an older house, make sure to contact a plumbing company before attempting repairs on your own. While plumbing in older houses isn’t likely to break down all that often, it can be tricky to find the right parts and install them correctly.

Don’t SkimpOn The Tools AND EquipmentMany people think they can save a few dollars by skimping on expensive plumbing tools and equipment. But buying the wrong tool can cause a lot more damage than good. For example, a cheap cordless screwdriver may look similar to the right screwdriver, but it won’t hold the nut tightly. Or a cheap replacement water valve can break when it gets stuck in the pipe. To minimize your plumbing repair mistakes, buy quality plumbing tools and equipment, so you don’t waste time, money and effort.