5 Types Of PEX Plumbing Tools

PEX plumbing tools are essential for plumbing repair and maintenance. Without them, plumbing repairs or installations are prone to mistakes that may cost you a lot of money. Here are some of the most useful plumbing tools that you should have. Read on and learn how to use these plumbing tools properly and efficiently.

Copper Crimp Ring – This is one of the most common plumbing tools in use. It helps you to crimp and seal the copper joints of your plumbing. It comes in various sizes and you can get one that suits the size of your PEX pipe joints. Copper crimp ring is suitable for the threaded type of PEX fittings and works great with both cold and hot water.

Drain Cleaning Machines – If you run the plumbing services in your home or office, then you need to have a good set of drain cleaning machines. The machines are mostly used by plumbers for helping them to remove large deposits of debris from the drains. These are the most popular plumbing tools and have great demand. The best brands for these plumbing services tools include Sharkbite and Kudos plumbers.

PEX Fittings – The PEX fittings are used widely for installing and repairing different types of PEX pipes systems. You can easily get them at affordable prices from the market. Some of the popular PEX plumbing tools include the following: Flexi Pike, PEX Drainsaver, PEX Drier, PEX Leak Stopper, Copper crimp ring, Flexi Damper and many more. You can buy these tools from any of the leading plumbing stores or online stores at affordable prices.

PEX Pipe Grinder – The PEX pipe grinder is another important plumbing tool that is widely used in plumbing works. This tool consists of a rotating blade attached to a fixed steel shaft. As the blade moves, it grinds the PEX pipes to remove the debris. The PEX pipes are made up of a layer of plastic compound that is kept inside a pipe fitting. You can use this tool to grind down the PEX pipe to remove any obstructions and keep the pipes free from leaks.

PEX tubing crimping tools – The PEX tubing crimping tools are designed with a spring-loaded crimping mechanism that helps in inserting the PEX joints without damaging the surface. The tool is very handy as it does not require you to have knowledge of plumbing as all the processes can be done manually. The tool consists of two handles that are pivoted on each other and are placed over a threaded shaft. The handles are then placed over the PEX tubing and the crimping mechanism is activated. The tool pushes the handles firmly against the tubing and the shaft is pushed into the PEX joints. After a few seconds, the tool is released and the tube is pulled out effortlessly.

Underfloor Heating – Another plumbing repair job that may need some professional help is installing an underfloor heating system. This is a much complex task that requires you to deal with different elements. A professional can easily carry out the job without endangering the wiring or the fittings with this valuable plumbing tool. The tool consists of a flexible hose, a nozzle and a wand. You have to place the wand on the underfloor heating system and turn on the nozzle to spray warm water through the pipe.

PEX tubing feeders – The PEX tubing feeder is also very useful as a plumbing repair tool. You have to measure the dimension of the pipes and holes in the wall and then install the feeder inside them. You have to take care that you do not install it too deep because the pipes may get compressed. If you don’t follow the right procedure, then you might have to call a professional for help. Once you have fed the pipe, the PEX fittings can be removed with ease.