DIY Pipe Shelves For a Distinctive Home Decor

DIY pipe shelving makes great storage options for both small and large amounts of plumbing tools and supplies. Metal pipes and fixtures are combined with (often) heavy duty wood clamps to make long-lasting shelving units that are both stylish and functional. These units can sit on your floor or be mounted on the wall or ceiling for easy, one-handed access to all your tiny plumbing gadgets and bits. The built-in design is quite industrial-looking and fits in with any style theme, from contemporary to earthy, too, eclectic, and chic.

You can make your own DIY pipe shelves from scratch, using a few simple tools and a little creativity. This is a great way to save money while creating a useful DIY project for your home. With the right supplies and a lot of imagination, you too can create a shelving system that not only looks great but functions well. The following is a list of the tools you will need to get started on your diy project:

A pair of pliers to fit the pipe shelving together. Most of these screws brackets are self-locking, so you’ll need to have them on hand before you begin your DIY pipe shelves project. Also, if you decide to build the shelves from scratch, you’ll need to have a few tools on hand. Needle nose pliers with rubber washers are perfect for twisting and lifting pipe joints. There are plenty of other handles, clips, and stands you can buy to make your shelves feel like genuine furniture.

Another important tool is a heavy duty tape measure. Measure the length of all the pipes or flanges that you plan to use for your DIY pipe shelves project. Be sure to leave a couple of inches on the left and right of the measurements for safety reasons. You’ll also want to take note of the thickness of the walls and ceiling where you will place your shelving system. If you plan on using wall studs, make sure that they are on solid wood and not painted or laminate. It’s best to go with a real wood style such as mahogany, oak, maple, cherry etc.

Another important diy pipe shelves tip is to only glue the hardware to one side of the unit. Placing the screws and washers on both sides will make the shelving units rustic even if the hardware is not visible. It will look unfinished can cause it to rust faster. This rustic look will only last as long as you leave the screws and washers in place. Some instructions that you can find online have detailed assembly instructions that are easy to follow.

For added strength and durability, I would recommend adding two wooden floor flanges to your diy pipe shelves project. The two floor flanges will help contain the weight of the shelving units, but won’t restrict their movement. They can easily be removed so you can reposition them or store them in a different location. Floor flanges usually have tongue-and-groove construction, which allows them to attach to wood flooring and also provide internal tension when in use.

When you’re done with your DIY pipe shelving projects, you might feel like you want to move on and build something else entirely with those in shelves. You can! You can build shelves with wood, metal, and various other materials that are designed to look like old fashioned telephone books. These shelves look just like the ones that you may remember from your childhood, so you can easily build them for relatively little money.

If you’re looking for something really unique to add to your home, consider building your own shelving system with three long 3″ x length boards. These boards can be stained black or other dark colors to coordinate with your decor. Wood glue can help attach the boards together. This is another great way to save money when you DIY pipe shelves!