How to Unclog a Plumbing Vent Without Getting on Roof

Clogged plumbing pipes and vents are common plumbing problems but sometimes they can be difficult to remove. But if you get the right tools and knowledge then you can easily unclog plumbing vent without getting on top of your roof. As most people have their plumbing system on the roof, here are some plumbing tips that will help you to unclog a PVC pipe or any other pipe. You can even do it without getting on top of your roof, as I did it and successfully unclogged my plumbing. Here’s how…

In the previous paragraphs, I briefly mentioned what the wet leaves and ladders are and I mentioned about removing a drain on your roof. Wet leaves and ladders are what slow down the water flow from your plumbing pipe so you have to unclog them to get a speedy water flow. To perform the plumbing repair on your vent pipe you need to get a ladder and wet the ends of the pipe with some water to remove the obstruction.

Now, if you have an unclogged pipe you will be able to repair it yourself. This is what I did to repair my leaking roof vent pipe. I first removed the obstruction using my wet leaves and ladder. I then attached some plumber’s putty to each end of the pipe. After that I used a putty knife to stick the plumber’s putty into the pipe.

Now to repair the leaking roof vent you need to firstly find the source of the blockage and this can be done easily with a screwdriver. You can then take out the screw that holds the cap in place. The cap is a very important plumbing component because it prevents the rain, sleet and snow from entering your house. Once you remove it, you will be in a position to remove the clog.

Now that you have removed the clog you will notice that there is some water that is now sitting inside the pipe. The pipe is now in a semi-exposed condition. To fix the plumbing vent I just used some epoxy cement. I used 100% silicone sealant for this pipe. It’s a good idea to place a plate over the pipe to prevent the cold from entering the house.

Now that you have caulk the pipe, you can start repairing the roof plumbing vent pipe. You will firstly clean the pipe by using some oxygen bleach. The bleach will remove any grease, dirt and algae from the pipe. You can also use a rag to get stuck inside the pipe. Once you are done cleaning, you need to take out the clog using an absorbent cloth or sponge.

If the pipe still has some dirt in it then you need to use some Emery paper and give the pipe a good brushing. Now that the pipe is cleaned you can place some silicone caulk around the exposed part of the pipe. The next thing that you will need to do is to turn on your blower and slowly push the water through the clogged plumbing vent without getting stuck inside. To make sure that you don’t blow the whole thing, you will want to run a fan across the pipe.

When you are trying to unclog plumbing you should remember one thing. Always go at an angle and not straight up. It is a good idea to use a power washer for this job. Just make sure that you remove the grime from the pipe before you use the power washer. If you think that your roof plumbing vent is really difficult to unclog you can hire a professional plumbing company. They will come out and do the job for you and will tell you how to unclog a pipe so that you do not have to do it yourself.