Industrial Pipe Furniture – Functional and Stylish

Eco-friendly styles for contemporary urban styling with the world’s most essential building material, industrial pipe, no longer relegated below the kitchen sink. Plumbers across the globe have jumped on board the plumbing train just like the rest of us. With their vast knowledge and experience, these plumbers can create stunningly beautiful designs for any building project. Here are some of our favourite plumbing tips for building projects to inspire you.

PEX (vinyl acetate) pipes are a great choice for trendy designs. Many of the units are available in bright colours to give any building its much-needed pop of colour. PEX is a flexible and durable alternative to copper, gold and silver plumbing, saving you the cost, time and effort of re-plumbing and installation. A common problem with plastic plumbing is that it tends to bend at stress points, creating ugly seam lines and bending requirements during renovation. For these reasons, many interior designers have turned to brightly coloured plastic industrial pipe furniture to give any room an instant update, no matter how long it has been standing. Whether it be a trendy conference room or an up-and-coming nightclub, industrial pipe furniture can create a statement that will make any user stand out.

Stoneware and bamboo are other trendy designs on the table these days. The classic material of stoneware is often combined with bamboo to create unique and modern designs that have stood the test of time. Bamboo is extremely strong and non-toxic, making it a perfect backdrop material for any trendy urban chic projects using industrial pipe furniture. These materials are highly flexible, meaning you are not limited to the pre-constructed shapes that come pre-drilled into pipes. You are free to choose the shape, size and density of the unit. This flexibility gives you more freedom to design your project in any way you want.

Plastic pipe is also increasingly popular in trendy projects under the urban landscape. Whether it is colourful, sleek and hard-edged, or sleek and smooth, plastic pipes are always fashionable. Available in a wide variety of colours, sizes and thicknesses, this popular material can be made to fit any mould and can provide a seamless backdrop to any fixture. As long as it has standard plumbing pipe measurements, it can be used as an integral part of any trendy urban chic projects using industrial pipes.

Metal pipe fittings are another material that has become increasingly popular in trendy interior designs. Often available in thick and heavy gauge units, metal pipe fittings are both stylish and functional. Not only do they provide a highly functional storage unit for pipes underneath, but they look great and can be an essential component of any building design. Depending on the style of the project, there may be a need to use standard plumbing pipe fittings, but using metal ones adds an extra degree of stylish design to any industrial pipe furniture project.

When it comes to stylish industrial pipe furniture, you can’t go past the rubber tubes. These flexible tubes come in a huge variety of colours, materials and textures. In the simplest of designs, these tubes are used simply as storage units for plumbing pipes. However, if this is not enough to make a project stand out, there are many other types of industrial pipe furniture that will do the trick. For example, some tube fittings are designed to be attached to tubes in a decorative pattern, while others are designed to sit flush with the walls of a building. Whether you prefer a simple or a more intricate design, there is a type of industrial pipe furniture that will be able to take your project from start to finish.

Pipe organizers are another essential part of industrial pipe furniture. Able to mount in most areas, pipe organizers are specially made to allow businesses to place pipes in the most appropriate places. Not only that, but they are also equipped with an adjustable mechanism that allows pipes to be mounted and re-mounted in the future should the need arise. By allowing pipes to be easily positioned, industrial pipe furniture saves a company considerable time and money, which is especially useful if your company has multiple locations.

As you can see, industrial pipe furniture is an extremely versatile addition to any industrial facility. By incorporating custom-made tubes and other elements, you will be able to design the look and feel that best suits your company. From simple storage units to complex, modular systems, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to industrial pipe furniture.