Pipe and Wood Shelves – Rustic Style for Farmhouses

We all know the beauty of pipe and wood shelves; but how many of us know how to properly maintain them? Many people leave industrial pipe shelves in their state of residence or garage and expect them to be in top condition for years. Unfortunately, pipe and wood shelves that have been neglected may not even be safe anymore. You need a plumbing repair contractor who can inspect your state of residence or garage and make sure that the shelves are still in good shape.

Properly maintained pipe and wood shelves can look like they’ve never seen a beat. They may still be painted in their natural state and appear to be just as rustic as they were when you purchased them. But the truth is, pipe shelving made from wrought iron can start to rust if they are not properly sealed and protected. When you go DIY pipe shelving, you will want to be especially careful about the rustic aspect of the item. A rustic pipe shelf will add a certain charm and warmth to your kitchen or bathroom.

Pipe and wood shelves in general have many uses and situations where you will need to maintain the item. Pipes can be installed on walls to hang laundry or even dry cleaning material from your ceiling. If you install industrial shelves that are made out of steel, you’ll want to use a specific solvent to keep the steel from rusting. To clean the shelves, however, you will need to have another set of industrial shelves that come with industrial pressure washers.

Older buildings often use smaller pipe lengths than most residential structures do today. These pipe lengths are very flammable. The small pipe lengths can become an issue if there are not proper safeguards in place. To protect pipe from blowing up when there is an electrical storm, you should have a guard rail installed around the shelf. This should be a high quality guard that is made out of galvanized steel or aluminum.

Smaller metal pipe frames are much safer than large pipe installation. They are much less likely to blow up in an electrical storm, even with the smaller metal pipe frames. However, because of their size, they can present problems in terms of weight and shipping costs. If you are only installing a few shelves, you may be able to get by with a less expensive metal pipe frame.

When you are shopping for pipe and wood shelves, you need to keep a few things in mind. Pipe sizes range widely. Be sure that you know the weight that each unit is able to support before you make your purchase. You also need to make sure that the shelving units are made out of galvanized steel or aluminum. Galvanized steel doesn’t rust, which is a significant concern since you don’t want your metal shelf to become rusty over time.

Rustic stores sell rustic wood shelves that are manufactured with galvanized steel or aluminum. These units are made to handle the type of moisture that is typical in a farmhouse. Since you aren’t likely to have your metal pipe shelves exposed to moisture on a daily basis, you want to find a store that offers rustic wood shelves that are designed to withstand moisture without deteriorating. Stores that sell industrial pipe shelving often carry rustic shelving in their warehouse, and these units are also commonly galvanized.

If you have enough space in your home, you can install these types of shelves yourself. Of course, you’ll need a stud finder in order to determine if the studs in your wall will allow the pipe flange to attach properly. Once you’ve determined if the studs will allow the shelves to attach properly, you can drill the appropriate holes and place the shelves into the wall studs. Once the shelves are in place, you can screw on the appropriate hardware that will attach to the pipe flange. Finally, you can paint the walls in order to blend the shelving into the rest of the room’s decor.