Should I Replace Copper Pipes With PEX?

Should I replace copper pipes with PEX? This is a question of debate among many households. There are pros and cons to copper pipes. The material is sturdy and long lasting. The fact that it is resistant to corrosion makes it the material of choice for plumbing systems.

There are many reasons why replacing copper pipes with PEX might be a good idea. It is more cost efficient as well. Many plumbing companies will offer different plumbing tips on how to do it. They also offer guarantees for their product. A plumbing repair company can also offer valuable plumbing repairs at a discount if you want to replace your old unit with a newer model.

However, copper pipes are expensive to install and they have to be insulated. That is a big expense to take into consideration. Another downside is the material is prone to corrosion and damage. When copper pipes are exposed to moisture, fungi, algae and bacteria can grow and eventually corrode the material.

When there are problems with your plumbing, you would want to have it fixed as soon as possible. The reason is that you can minimize damage when you hire plumbing contractors. They will be able to prevent further damage to your household plumbing system by repairing the issues. These plumbing contractors have many plumbing tips on how to fix problems with copper and other materials used in plumbing. A good plumbing repair service can even offer other services like installation of other household items like faucets and toilets.

You can also get an estimate from these contractors about the cost of copper pipe replacement. Before you choose a contractor, make sure to check his or her previous work. Also, you have to consider their past experience with other projects and ask them about the quality of materials used. Find out whether they have the proper license to operate. A good contractor will be able to give you a quote without pressuring you to buy.

The problem with copper pipes and replacement is that they tend to corrode over time and their efficiency will lessen. It is not a good idea to replace copper piping because it can be quite costly. In some cases, the old copper piping may not even function anymore. In this case, plumbing contractors suggest the use of PVC pipe which can be more affordable and flexible in application.

It would be better if you replace copper piping with PVC pipe, since it is made from plastic. It is known to be durable and flexible. Some contractors even claim that it can last up to 10 times longer than copper. The main thing you need to check is the gauge size. You need to choose a pipe of the correct size. It is important because you don’t want the material to get pinched between fixtures and other plumbing work.

You have to understand that there are pros and cons for both materials when you replace copper plumbing with PVC pipe. A lot of plumbing contractors recommend their clients to use the latter due to its affordability. It is also less time consuming. However, it can’t guarantee you a perfect fit. If you are not sure, you better hire the help of plumbing contractors.

One big disadvantage of using copper plumbing system is the presence of oxidation in the pipe. Sometimes it can even cause rust and corrosion. This will lead to further damages which will eventually result to a complete plumbing failure. So if you want to avoid all these unpleasant experiences, the best option is to replace the old plumbing with PVC pipe. This is very important because it has the potential to make your plumbing system more efficient and durable.

Another great advantage of using this material is that it is very affordable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars just to replace your plumbing system. Although it may be more costly than copper, it can still be a cheaper alternative since contractors can apply a new coat of paint for an affordable price.

The only disadvantage of using PEX plumbing is its limited lifespan. Over time, the friction caused by the flow of hot and cold water can wear out the inner surface of the pipe. In addition to this, copper pipes are known to rust easily. So before hiring plumbing contractors, you need to ask them about the possible damages and repairs that they can perform on your plumbing system.