Tips to Prevent Sewer Gas and Clogged Plumbing Vents

You have to pay attention to plumbing vent pipe because if it is clogged, you cannot perform your plumbing repairs and maintenance properly. Some people also call it the black pipe but in actuality, it is the green pipe that is clogged. In plumbing repair, it is very important to determine what type of problem it is, before you get to the real problem. Before performing any plumbing repair work on your home or your office, make sure you read this article about plumbing tips.

The common causes of a plumbing vent stack are tree roots, soil erosion, tree root infiltration, corrosion and pressure from construction activities. The other causes are not so common. A drain line that is not cleaned on a regular basis can easily become clogged with soil, debris and algae. It can also become clogged with animal feces. This condition will cause your drainage stack to back up and may cause your sewer gases to spread through your entire building.

Clogging can also occur when a vertical pipe attached to your plumbing fixture becomes clogged. The drain line passing through this plumbing fixture would also become blocked. A vertical pipe attached to your sink tap can also become clogged after some time. The reason why these vents become clogged is because the water that flows through these pipes is contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms. When these microbes to accumulate inside your plumbing fixture, they produce hydrogen sulfide, which can cause the pipe to corrode and break.

A plumbing vent pipes or air vent often gets clogged when these two drains accumulate animal feces. It is best to clean these drains frequently because the accumulated waste could make these plumbing drains break down. The bacteria inside the drain line can damage these plumbing drains over time. Therefore, it is essential to regularly maintain these drains.

In fact, regular maintenance is necessary for plumbing vents and plumbing drains. However, some homeowners ignore the importance of cleaning their plumbing fixtures and forget to do it regularly. This is a very dangerous mistake as clogs in plumbing vents and plumbing drains are one of the leading causes of major plumbing problems.

Clogs in plumbing pipes are serious. Once these pipes get clogged, it would be almost impossible to start your plumbing system again. You have to take immediate action to prevent the plumbing system from breaking down. Your heating and cooling system could even be damaged if you wait for the problem to worsen. If you have a plumbing duct system, then these plumbing vents and plumbing drain will become clogged after some time.

You need to remove these plumbing vents and plumbing drains right away. These drains and pipes should be flushed right after unplugging them from the plumbing system. However, you should also make sure that you unplug the heating and cooling system from the plumbing vents before you flush them. If you don’t do this, then you may cause damage to some of the plumbing vents and plumbing drains.

Sometimes, you might find out that there are some drainage lines clogged in your house. The best way to solve this issue is to call a plumbing service company at once. They will help you to solve the problem in the best possible manner. However, you can fix the problem yourself. Just follow some simple tips to clear a clogged plumbing vent pipe.

Firstly, you should use an approved venting product. These products will make sure that these plumbing vents do not get clogged. These products will easily dissolve any clogs in these plumbing vents. You should also check the water level in your drains. If the water level in the plumbing vent pipes is too low or high, then you should adjust it according to the flow of water in your house.

Secondly, you should also check the plumbing vent pipe. Usually, most of the times these plumbing vents do not get properly cleaned. This may be because the person who is handling your plumbing vent did not follow the instructions carefully. Therefore, if you find that there are some pieces of dirt inside your plumbing vent pipe, then you should clean it with a rag.

By cleaning the plumbing vents with the help of proper tools and chemicals, you can easily prevent your house from suffering from problems like carbon monoxide or methane gas. These two substances are the main culprits behind the occurrence of problems like septic tanks problems or clogged plumbing vents. However, when you have a good plumbing vent system, then these problems will never occur in your house.