Toilet Plumbing Layout Plan – The Proper Method to Install It

Plumbing is a critical part of every bathroom or kitchen renovation as it helps you to carry out important functions easily and smoothly. In order to get the best results out of any plumbing project, you must have a good plumbing layout plan. The layout will be largely based on the size of your bathroom or kitchen and its plumbing needs. A well planned layout will facilitate the whole process of plumbing repair or renovation. In this article we shall be discussing some plumbing tips that will help you in carrying out a great plumbing work.

Toilet Plumbing Layout Plan: All plumbing installation works according to the rule provided by the plumbing code adopted by the state government. The toilet plumbing layout plan should consist of at least three phases including planning, implementing and maintenance. A detailed plumbing layout plan can be generated with the help of online CAD drawing using plumbing-planner software available on the internet.

Proper Planning: A toilet plumbing layout plan includes the detailed description of each and every stage that are to be accomplished. The first and foremost stage is the planning where you need to decide about the plumbing fixture you want to install. You should discuss with your plumber about the size, type, function, cost and other factors pertaining to that particular plumbing fixture. You also have an option to describe your plumbing requirements in terms of number of bathrooms or units that you would require for accommodating various household purposes.

Installing the New Plumbing: When you are doing the installation of new fixtures you need to give careful consideration to the plumbing layout plan so that you can easily install the new fixtures. For toilets the standard size is 24-inch diameter, however, in case you are installing a new toilet with a 3-inch seat then you have to set aside enough space in the plumbing layout plan. This will allow you to accommodate the new toilet easily. It is always better to do a proper calculation of the required water flow for the toilet and then ensure that you have enough water to fill the bowl of the toilet and its seat within the estimated water flow. The amount of water flowing inside the bowl of the toilet is termed as the water level. Therefore it is essential for you to take the required measurements while doing plumbing works.

Fixing Cracks and Leaks: If you are installing a toilet then there are chances that you may encounter some trouble spots like cracks or leaks. To overcome these problems, you have to repair them with the help of plumbing repair material list. You have to fix the problem in time so that it does not create any further inconvenience. You can refer the plumbing material list for guidance.

Plumbing rough-in: Plumbing rough-in consists of preparing the base of the fixture by securing the bottom of the plumbing trap and then pouring in the concrete sealant. In this process, you have to ensure that the drain and the source of water are well fixed. For installing the trap you need plumbing joint compound, rubber washer, plumber’s putty, and small amount of plumbing cement.

Installing the Plumbing and Hoses: If you are using the ready-to-use plumbing equipment then you do not need to bother about the installation. However, if you are going for the customized pieces then you have to take the advice of an expert or go for the custom-made floor plans… These are manufactured by many plumbing companies. These companies take the raw materials and then make sure that the quality is not compromised. When you are making use of the ready-to-use plumbing equipment then you have to take care of its installation. In case if you are making use of the custom-made fixtures then you can take the help of the plumbing experts.

Making Appropriate Use of the PEX: The application of the plumbing sealant and the application of the plant are two very important aspects. You should also consider the installation of the vents, traps, and aerators properly. In case if you are not able to handle these things on your own then you should take the help of the professional plumbers. By taking the tips provided in the toilet plumbing layout plan, you can easily install the plumbing in the proper manner.