What Are the Happiest and Cheapest Jobs of All Time?

What are the happiest careers? For many adults one of the most popular answers is “plumbing.” If you’re looking for a career that allows for growth, plenty of job flexibility and good pay, plumbing is definitely one of the best careers to have.

The other two careers that are right up there on the happy list are accountants and finance professionals. If you’re looking for a great career that provides for security, good pay and a good work ethic, an accountant might be your dream job. If you’d rather be a financial analyst doing some financial research or analyzing financial statements, then a finance degree would be the way to go. Data analysts don’t do as much research as accountants, but they do it all day long sitting in front of the computer doing all kinds of numbers. Whether you want to be a financial analyst, a data analyst or a finance analyst, having a degree in finance may be the way to go.

There are all kinds of jobs that fall into the realm of what are the happiest careers, and physical therapy is one of them. A physical therapist job can be both very satisfying and very stressful at the same time, and many people prefer the stability of a physical therapist career to any other type of career. You could take courses toward an advanced degree in physical therapy to specialize in sports medicine, or you could get a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and pursue a career as a physical therapist.

If you are interested in what jobs are future proof? Jobs that are secure in their own right and yet will provide you with a job that will increase your salary in the near future are the best careers to have. This includes all types of jobs such as education, business, government and nonprofit management, and even the nursing and the law enforcement professions.

What are the least fulfilling careers? Well, if you are looking for a job that pays a decent amount and provides you with security, then the least rewarding career is probably going to be the typical nine to five job that many people already have. Many of the least financially rewarding jobs are also the least fulfilling mentally. In fact, the combination of having a low paying, low security job and a low mental state of mind could be the most stressful jobs of all!

What are the happiest careers? Health care, engineering, writing, teaching, sales, customer service and administrative support are some of the most mentally and financially rewarding careers. What are the least-rewarding careers? High-paying managerial, office support and sales jobs pay well enough, but they also offer little in the way of long-term security or meaningful social interaction.

So, what are the happiest careers? In my opinion, the most financially and mentally stimulating career would be marketing / sales / business administration / management / accounting / computer science / information technology. If you are seeking the most emotionally fulfilling career, try psychology, teaching, human services and social work. What are the least financially and most spiritually fulfilling career options? High-paying business administration jobs, law and accounting, computer science, information technology, health care.

What are the least financially and mentally rewarding careers? Medical professionals (physician, nurse, etc. ), software developer/programmer, business administration and business management. What are the most spiritually and emotionally fulfilling careers? High-paying physician, nurse, and software developer, psychology, teaching, human services and social work.

What are the most financially and mentally fulfilling careers? Business analyst, financial officer, insurance agent, financial marketer, investment banker, lawyer, biology major, engineering major, math major, commerce major, ecology major, English major, history major, philosophy major, photography major, medicine major, public policy, psychology major, paralegal, social work. What are the least financially and mentally rewarding careers? Medical assistants, customer service representatives, administrative assistants, office clerks, and secretaries

What are the highest paying jobs? Jobs in Information Technology. Software developers, network engineers, software engineering professionals and network specialists earn the highest salaries. What are the lowest paying jobs? Jobs in customer service, office staff, sales, administrative support and maintenance workers earn less than the typical high-paying jobs.

So what are your future career plans? If you’re not happy right now, what will make you happy in 50 years? What will be the most financially and emotionally rewarding jobs of all time? In the words of an African proverb; “There is nothing more beautiful on this earth than a woman who has not failed to hope or to dream.”