Why is PEX Plumbing Bad? Pros & Cons

Some people may not know that PEX plumbing is actually made of plastic pipe, so you might be wondering what’s wrong with it. To start with, PEX is flexible and semi-permeable, meaning that liquid can get into the pipe. You can see this in toilets where people use the water to flush the toilet. If you don’t use a trap then the liquid will just roll right through, no matter how hard you try to stop it. This is why a lot of plumbing contractors recommend PEX for plumbing repairs and installations.

Newer homes are also built using copper pipes, which are pretty good at stopping liquids from getting inside. However, copper pipes are known to be very dangerous, especially if they become rusty over time. It’s why is pex plumbing bad, because in these new homes the pipes are made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC, a man-made material that’s about three times stronger than common plumbing steel.

When talking about the plumbing system, we have to mention some of the most common PEX plumbing disadvantages and their solutions. One of the reasons why is sex safe is that it’s resistant to corrosion and won’t get damaged by water leaks. Unfortunately, the PVC material isn’t so resistant and can corrode away over time. When this happens, the pipes can become rusty, which makes them unsafe for drinking water. When this happens, the government must inspect the pipes and must replace them with new ones to make sure that the water is still safe to drink.

Another problem with PVC pipes is that they can become clogged with oil and grease. The substance works its way into the pipe over time and over the years the buildup can create a layer that makes it difficult for the passage of liquid. The oil and grease can accumulate in the fittings and make it difficult to drain. To fix this problem you can have the pipes re-rinsed but this can be costly and if your plumbing has been faulty for a long time then it’s not always possible to do so.

A further disadvantage of the PVC material is that it’s not very flexible. This means that if you need to change a faucet or handle on your bathroom vanity you will have to drill into the wall in order to remove it. Even with the extra expense involved, it’s not worth it. Why is PEX plumbing bad? Copper pipes are completely flexible and allow you to make small changes to your plumbing layout. This flexibility also allows for different setups, and since the material is so versatile, it can be adapted to fit any installation.

Lastly, copper pipes are extremely durable and long lasting. This means that if you’ve used other plumbing systems in your home before then it might be time to replace those. If you’re going to make an investment in PEX plumbing, you’re also going to be spending money on plumbing systems that are going to last for many years to come.

So what are some other pros and cons of using PEX instead of copper? One of the benefits is the ease in which you can install PEX plumbing. You don’t have to use special tools like you would with copper piping. All you need is a PEX plumbing guide to follow and your project is done. Most professional plumbing companies recommend that you use PEX for your plumbing systems, and you can even hire someone to install the system for you if you are not sure about doing it yourself.

Another major benefit of a PEX plumbing system is that the material doesn’t attract and hold bacteria like other materials do. Copper does this, but it’s not really healthy or safe for you. A PEX plumbing system is completely safe and your family will be able to enjoy its beautiful look for years to come. If you have questions about your plumbing system or would like to learn more about how it is better than other materials, contact a reputable company today.